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Hope you like this pleasant surprise

Road Map

Phase 1

Pre Launch (IDO)

(24th - 31st July)

  • Contract created & locked tokens(40% until 2025)✔️
  • Pre-Launch Initial Dex Offering for 100 BNB ✔️
  • Twitter✔️
  • Telegram ✔️
  • Website V1.0✔️(New one incoming asap)
  • Discord✔️
  • Reddit ✔️
  • Instagram/Facebook ✔️
  • 2 AMAs before launch ✔️
  • Completion of Core Project Managment Team(16/30)❌
    (Feel free to contact us to start working with the project)
  • Start stealth marketing and prepare for coordinated mass marketing at launch✔️

Phase 2

Launch (31st July)

  • Prepare user accounts and applications for all major coin/token statistics, graphs or sniping sites , for fast approval✔️
  • AMA LIVE before Launch✔️
  • Input & Lock 100% Liquidity ✔️ 
  • Start PancakeSwap Trading ✔️
  • Applications for CoinGecko, CMC and all others major statistics, graphs or sniping sites. ✔️ 
  • Start Coordinated Mass Marketing ✔️
  • AMA LIVE during/after Launch✔️
  • Start payed advertizing ✔️
  • Completion of Core Project Managment Team(16/30)❌
    (Feel free to contact us to start working with the project)

Phase 3

Post Launch

  • CoinGecko Listing❌ Applied ✔️
  • CoinMarketCap Listing ❌ Applied ✔️
  • Contact with potential influencers and businesses of interest✔️ Marketing campaigns started as of 2021-08-05
  • Scamhunters TV on Youtube✔️
    (Both educational and fun) 
  • First CEX listing❌ Contact Initiated ✔️ Agreeing upon Terms
  • Keep building the Scamhunters Ninja Community ✔️

Phase 4

The game begins

  • Collecting bounties from our community investments and re-invest them in Scamhunters Token $SHU community ❌
  • Create an easy accessible web and app- platform to provide transparent, accurate and reliable information about transactions, wallets, exchanges and new token listings. Blacklisting eventual fraudulent wallets ❌
  • Online safety creation of educational content ❌
  • Scamhunters Magazine❌
  • Investigate, gather intelligence and report fraudulent behaviour to relevant authorities and to our platform ❌
  • Investing in Research & Development, partnerships of new technologies and companies, with the main focus of biometric safety(fingerprint, eyescanning among others) to the business and private segment ❌
  • Create direct contact with CEX Lawyers, and other national and relevant authorities, to quickly stop fraudulent behaviour online ❌
  • Collecting bounties from our community investments and re-invest them in Scamhunters Token $SHU community ❌
  • Scamhunters Computer Game ❌
  • Scamhunters Tablet/Phone Game❌
  • Community engagement platform to earn $SHU while stopping fraudulent behaviour and interacting anonymously through scoreboards, achievments and a 2D style Website "community game" ❌

Powerful ninjas carry important expertise

Communities are the main building blocks of sucessful companies and organizations.  

Scamhunters current Project Managment team combined experience

  • IT/Computers  -  100+ years combined
  • Computer games -  100+ years combined
  • Economy education & experience -  50+ years combined
  • Cryptologi - 20+ years combined
  • Segmented Marketing & Sales - 100+ years combined
  • On top of that we have other not mentioned skill assets - That will be used for our community and against fraudsters. 


Communities are the main building blocks of sucessful companies and organizations. 

Shared vision between community, investors and project managment team is of crucial essence for a successful sustainable long-term entity. 


  • 40% of Token Supply Locked until 2025-01-01(Out of circulation for 3+ years)
  • 100% LP locked @ Launch until 2030-01-01
  • Always available Core Management Team


Total Supply: 1 337 000 000 000 

Locked Supply(40%): 534 800 000 000
(Locked & Out of Circulation until 2025-01-01)

Circulating Supply

802 200 000 000

Research, Development & Marketing wallet(18.6986%): 250 000 000 000 

Transaction Tax(3%) 

2% Auto redistribution to Holder
1% Auto add to Liquidity pool
0% to Project

Binance Smart Chain

  • Low Gas Fees
  • Fast transaction speed(1-20x faster than ERC Ethereum Network)
  • Proof of Stake for Rewards
  • Centralized - If we wish to seriously work with companies, goverments and institutions, it's will be important to have a centralized organization that can prolong the projects vision. 

Project Officially Launched

2021-07-31 19:25 UTC

LOCKED Tokens(40%) on DxSale

DxSale Lock

You need to be LOGGED in to see the countdown and lock
(Unlocks 2025-01-01)


DxSale Lock

You need to be LOGGED in to see the countdown and lock
(Unlocks 2030-01-01)

How to buy?

Live on PancakeSwap V2

Click here to Buy 


Network: Binance Smart Chain(BEP20) 

p.s if you get error change slippage to 5% or more
Slippage: 5%

The tokens are active to buy/sell on PancakeSwap V2 since 2021-07-31

Transaction fee 3%
2% Static reflection to Holder
1% Added to Liquidity pool

Once you have bought your tokens, make sure to add
"Custom Token" with this contract adress: 0xcb8482ae609a750df17031152f62d50196c05055
Decimals: 9
Symbol: SHU
to your wallet, to be able to see the balance reflected, directly into your wallet of choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We will not publicy reveal our identites. But within our core management team and for business enquiries, newspapers, exchanges or other projects. We will work closely with good intention people and companies.

Will you renounce ownership?

Not initially, since this is a intented long-term project, until we grow a sustainstal amount of community members and holders, we will not renounce ownership.

In the future, it's up to the community to decide.

Why don't you, the creator, go public with your identity?

As we will work in the security industry, working against bad people. 

Internally we are just a bunch of normal people from all around the world, Canada, Africa, Europe, Asia and even Scandinavia. 

Publicly, we do not need to show our faces to be effective. We do like to voice chat occasionally, and our core managment some of them already know eachother and the rest who are here in the future will probably meet up!

Will you burn any tokens?

Bad tokens tend to use a “soft burn” of tokens sent to a “dead” adress as a incentive for investors, to
make the investment look better. There is no actual burning happening, the tokens just stay in a
wallet, that is succeptible to hacker attacks etc. And the value of tokens also get reflected in the total

As educated economists. I don't believe in burning assets. Rather put them out of circulation, or
use them as leverage in the future(like a stock company does) to sell to exchanges,or add new liquidity pairs etc. As a request for information, a burn does not make sense, as the value of your tokens is
already increasing through the 2% static reflection. That means on every transaction, the holders
receive 2% and if you choose to “hold” this 2%, it works as a burn, but the Token asset gets sent to
the holder instead of a dead adress. And that is better than burning assets, isnt it?

Scammers do not intend to have any valid reasons for their arguments and use any tricks to literally
make shit look like gold(or crypto these days)

How did you come up with this idea?

I got scammed, like you... probably why you are here

To improve the general publics picture of cryptocurrencies and to held accountable thieves and fraudsters. 

Right now, neither the central exchanges, the authorities or the goverments care about doing something. 

So its up to us, the yin in the yang, to do the difference and atleast put a halt to this, educate newcomers and eventually help the crypto reputation long-term. On the road, our ninjas will catch some bad fish, and create some funny content. 

Also there is alot of money in the Security industry, which no token has associated with yet. 

Wen lambo?

For us in the project management team, we do really not care about the short-term chart price. Rather we focus on long-term healthy sustainability and a healty liquidity pool. 

We want to get listed on Exchanges as a serious collateral trading alternative. And to be righteous to our holders, we need to have long-term stability in mind.

So lambo when? Well 2024... maybe? 
The cryptocurrency industry is in a rise, and we will help it even more.



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